Residence Programs

Due to challenges presented by COVID-19, our Artist-in-Residence program is currently on pause.

The goal of our Artist-in-Residence programs is to provide accommodations, space, and time to artists of all disciplines and other creatives from around the globe to reflect and develop their passion and art. 

The Artist-in-Residence program is open to all artists, academics, policy-makers, etc. who seek inspiration in a unique environment, and to work, study, and interact with other professionals and the Johannesburg community. Artists and creatives will have the opportunity to explore, create, and establish professional contacts in South Africa. We favor those whose projects will connect directly with the local Johannesburg community in some way.

Our residencies (or “nests”) are situated in beautiful, safe locations on the coast of the sea, or along the lake shorelines of Africa. Each residence consists of 2-6 bedrooms with one bathroom. There is a minimal month fee to cover the costs of the accommodations’ utilities and internet.

This program is artist-led, and supervised by ArtNest’s full-time Artistic Director and volunteer staff. ArtNest staff is also able to help in the promotion of your work, including the coordination of press and publicity, coordination community workshops, performances, or exhibits, etc.

To learn more about ArtNest’s Artist-in-Residence program, please contact Paul.

Additional Information

  • Residences can last in duration from 1 – 3 months
  • Spouses and children are allowed upon request with a prior arrangement
  • Currently, the artists-in-residence are required to cover the following costs:
    • Travel
    • Housing
    • Supplies
    • Food
  • The artists-in-residence are required to cook their own food and keep their residences clean
  • Working languages include English, Portuguese, French, and Zulu
  • Artists-in-residence will also have access to seminars, exhibitions, and lessons in local languages and dance traditions