Digital Projects

The effects of COVID-19 have had a detrimental effect on ArtNest Residency. We currently seek artists from around the world who are interested in donating their time to create digital content for us to share.

Examples of digital projects include:

  • Recorded performances from your home
  • Lessons/projects for people to try at home
  • Cross-collaboration via video chat
  • Joining us for recorded discussions

Future Projects

ArtNest Residency seeks proposals for in-person projects in a post-COVID time. These projects can take place in South Africa or abroad. They should connect with the South African community, or share the art of Africa.

Examples of possible projects include:

  • An African dance project connecting to the high dropout rate of students of color in NYC
  • A theatre/dance project connecting to the global history of the slave trade
  • Creating a radio station that plays nonstop music from the African culture
  • Supporting artists for international festivals